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Antonio Marcu has studied music since he was 3 and played 13 years of classical and jazz piano.

In 2012 he became the lead male voice of the music group Gipsy Casual, having great success in Europe and Asia with their Balkanic / Pop / Dance mix style.

2013 was the year they released their first official single entitled “Bate Toba Mare” which made them famous all over Southeastern Europe and especially Turkey. The song stayed in the top 10 on radio stations all over Turkey for over 1 year.

After a couple collaborations and new songs, things got even better in 2015, when the song “Kelushka” shot up the Turkish and Balkan charts with over 35 million views on YouTube and got in the top 3 Shazam hits of the year.

In 2016, Antonio’s single “Yalla Ya Habibi” was a great relaunch in Romania and played by various Russian radio stations.

2017 was a personal breakout year for Antonio, developing his character as an artist and bringing his native style into his music.

In 2018, Gipsy Casual released their latest single, “Shake The Bull” which got great feedback and during its first week of release it was in the Top 3 trending YouTube videos in Romania and took first place in iTunes hits at that time. The song was also published exclusively for the Turkish market by a Turkish label with 12 million subscribers.

Antonio has moved on from Gipsy Casual and is now cutting solo tracks and working on developing his solo career.



If you like to organize a show, please write to me using the address below.